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Empowered Joy LLC

Learn & Experience!


Classes and Events 

Sherry Coffman at Empowered Joy, LLC offers certification trainings in Reiki and DNA Theta Healing® as well as specialty workshops, including the Aroma Freedom Technique. Classes and workshops are generally in the North Texas area, but Sherry is also available to travel to your location. Contact her to learn more.

Reiki Training

            • First Degree
            • Second Degree
      • Master Practitioner
      • Master Teacher

Benefits of Learning Reiki

  • Release Stress and Relax
  • Further Their Spiritual Experience and Education, Free From Any Particular Dogma
  • Take Responsibility for Their Health and Explore an Alternative Healing Modality
  • Assist Their Friends and Family Using Something Powerful Yet Simple
  • Work as a Reiki Practitioner

DNA ThetaHealing® Training

Basic DNA          Advanced          Dig Deeper          Manifesting & Abundance

Why Learn DNA ThetaHealing®?

  • To Release Toxic Emotions That Can Contribute to Disease
  • To Achieve Optimum Health in Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • To Remove and Replace Negative Beliefs and Thoughts With Ones That Serve You Better
  • To Learn How to Remain Connected to the Creator of
    All That Is
  • To Achieve the Highest Clarity Possible
  • To Experience Instantaneous Physical and Emotional Healing
  • To Assist Others in Doing All of the Above

Upcoming Classes & Events

Online Events

Creating HOPE - Healthy, Open, Empowered Empaths


Mentoring for Empaths

Beginning: July 15, 2021 7pm – 8pm Central US

Following: Each 3rd Thursday of the month

“Empaths did not come into this world to be victims; we came to be warriors.

Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.” ~ Anthon St. Maarten

Do you ever feel like you're being bruised and beaten by what you sense in other people's emotions? Your empathic nature is your super power. You don't have to live your life carrying the weight of sorrow, anger and other low energy frequencies for others. It will drain you of your health and vitality and does not help them.

I've learned a lot over the past few decades about how to embrace my sensitive nature and not be overwhelmed. It's led me to a new level of helping others. If you're energetically sensitive and would like to find relief as well as learn how to step into your Warrior Empath energy, Join me in this monthly online gathering and I'll help you learn how you can transmute energies that have potential to overwhelm your sensitive nature.

Each month we will focus on a different topic.

Attend every month or whichever months you desire.

July's Topic: Holding your Energy as Sacred

Investment: $8 per month.


A link to the call will be sent when payment is received.

In-Person Events

Dallas Psychic Fair

Sunday, July 11, 2021

11:30am - 6pm CDT

Pre-schedule on the Fair website beginning July 4th.

Schedule with me for Higher-self readings.

Indigo Qi Psychic Healing Expo

Saturday, July 17, 2021

10am - 5pm CDT

A new concept in psychic fairs because the fee you pay

 provides access to multiple healers and psychics.

Read More & REGISTER

Watch an Intro Video for the Expo

Explore Our Special Topic Courses