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Empowered Joy LLC

Expand into Possibility!

Specialty Workshops

Sherry offers unique workshops designed to help participants create lives of expanded possibility. Several are available as on-line webinars, others as in-person. Workshops can be brought to your location for a large enough group. Contact Sherry with questions and she’ll be happy to discuss what type of webinar or in-person experience might best create the expansion you desire.

Available as Online Courses


Your Inner Guidance System

Intuition works like a compass for your soul that points you in the right direction and keeps you on your path when clouds obscure your view. Helping you navigate choppy waters to stay aligned with your life’s purpose, it works like a global positioning system (GPS) for your life’s journey, providing guidance whenever you need to reroute around detours.

The goal of this workshop is to help participants live more empowered, joyful lives through a stronger

connection with intuition.

Over a 4-week period, participants will learn a simple five-step process in working more closely with their intuition.

We will explore common barriers to hearing and following your inner guidance. 

Multiple techniques will be used for this purpose, including self-reflection exercises, meditation, and the Aroma Freedom technique.

Each week will provide a follow-up focus that will help you continue to clear blocks throughout the week.

IYou'll need several Young Living Essential Oils.

f you do not already have these oils, contact me and make arrangements to have oils sent to you free of charge. (US Mainland)

Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away

Inner Child or Thieves


Believe, Transformation, or Lemon


What Participants Have to Say About This Workshop

Sending a Soulful Signal (SASS)

What Is SASS?

The goal of this workshop is to help participants identify and release patterns that keep them from having the type of relationships they desire. While originally designed for the purpose of calling in a life partner, the process is powerful for all types of relationships.

During the 4 weeks of SASS, participants will:

  • Identify Patterns From Past Relationships and Understand the Impact of Self-Love
  • Create a Mission Statement for Their Lives
  • Release Negative Energy From Past Relationships and Clear Space for New Ones
  • Create a Vision for the Future
  • Receive a Weekly Follow-Up Focus to Keep Their Energy Moving Toward Empowerment

Each class includes a powerful meditation for clearing and manifesting.


What Participants Have to Say About SASS

                                                      Living in Limitless Abundance

Our abundance already exists—it’s a matter of removing the resistance we have to receiving. There is an infinite source of energy in our universe that holds unlimited possibilities for all areas of our lives. In order to access the abundance that is already there for us, we need to develop and practice ways to keep our minds and hearts aligned with our purpose and passion.

What does abundance mean to you? Are you experiencing it in your daily life? Could you benefit from a new perspective? Would you like some tools for staying in alignment with abundance?

In this introductory workshop, we share what we have found to be two necessary keys to reaching and remaining in alignment with the frequency of abundance. In the webinar, you will be guided through experiences to shift your frequency, release blocks to abundance, and create a powerfully receptive energy so you can begin living in limitless abundance.

Multiple techniques will be used for this purpose, such as self-reflection exercises, meditation, and Aroma Reset.

For part of the webinar, you'll need three Young Living Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away. If you do not already have these oils, contact me and make arrangements to have oils sent to you.

You may also choose to order oils directly through this link: Oils for Radiant Living.

You'll receive maximum reward with the essential oils listed above. However, you can still benefit from the

exercises and meditations in the webinar without them.


Explore your Authentic Self